Fees & Discounts

2018 Fees are located on the registration page at http://www.cvent.com/events/southern-flame-baha-i-summer-school-2019/custom-17-b69c1e5b9aef41489363386ec71f5155.aspx

General Notes:

  • The age group is determined by the person’s age as of the first day of summer school

  • There is no charge for infants & toddlers (age 2 and under), but they MUST be registered

  • All fees are in US dollars (USD)

Refund Policy

General Note:

  • All cancellations made before June 1st will be fully refunded, except for a $15 per person fee, plus any credit card fees. Cancellations between June 1 and June 21 will only be refunded up to 50%, and there will be NO refunds after June 21.


PLEASE KNOW YOUR CHECK IN DATE – If you are unsure please contact the Registrar.

  • What should I bring to registration? Printed copy of your registration summary sheet, if you have one.  Checkbook, credit card or cash to pay any remaining balance on tuition. Completed Medical Release Forms and Sponsorship Forms, already signed by parent (we will have copies available at registration)
  • What if I am arriving late? If arriving after 10PM, you MUST make prior alternative arrangements for overnight stay. Registration WILL NOT be open to walk up’s after 10 pm.
  • What should I bring? Beach towel, toiletries, insect repellent, swim suits, umbrella, any medications, sport equipment etc.
  • Do I need linens? No, the rooms this year have 2 beds with linens.  If you are bringing a 3rd in your room you will need linens.  There is a soap dispenser in the showers that can be used for shampoo and body wash.
  • Should I bring my instrument? YES, YES, YES!!!
  • Is there a pool? There is no pool; there will be slip & side and bounce house.


These forms MUST be returned in order for minors to attend. Please submit them in advance by emailing them to the Registrar at: southernflame-reg@nbs.usbnc.org

For all other Forms, please log back into your Cvent Registration Account.


Sponsorship | Scholarship Information

PLEASE READ - Your first step in requesting financial support for Summer School is to CONTACT YOUR Local Spiritual Assembly. LSAs may be able to provide support directly. 

LSAs please note - If your Assembly is supporting a direct request, WE DO NOT NEED THIS FORM FILLED OUT, NOR DO WE NEED TO HAVE AN ACCOUNTING OF YOUR SUPPORT.

If your Assembly is NOT able to provide financial assistance, THEN you should fill out all of the information below. Your scholarship request will be automatically sent in for consideration. You can expect to hear from the Committee concerning your request within 2 weeks.

To apply for a Scholarships use the following link to the Scholarship Form.