It is absolutely imperative that all attendees have their medical forms signed prior to or at the point of registration. Participation may be limited without signed forms.

Please be aware due to HIPAA we cannot collect, nor store medical related information | data, please do NOT provide your medical information (such as: physician contact information, billing information, policy number, allergies, or other medical related information, etc...) on the electronic copy.

Providing your emergency contact and release of information on the electronic copy would allow the registrar to do a quick data check on who supplied a medical release and maintain an efficient emergency contact list. 

If you have medical related data (such as the items listed above you need to provide, please download the physical (paper) form [highlighted | Click the link just below] and bring with you to summer school.

Medical Form

Click the Link above to download the physical form.

e-Medical Release and Emergency Contact Form

If you are interested in sponsorship.

The physical copy of the Liability Waiver.

Photo Release

If you want to decline the photo release, please download the Photo Release form here, fill out and bring with you to summer school.